How do I know if the mask will fit me?

Currently, Remask Air masks are available in two sizes: M/L and S. To find out if the mask will fit you, measure from the base of your eye to your chin (as shown in the Size guide in the Products page). If the measurement is between 11-14 cm, you require the M/L size and if between 7-11 cm, it is the S size. ReMask Air Masks have silicone adjusters on both ear loops and an adjustable metal wire on the nose bridge to help achieve a secure fit on the face.

RexxMask 2.0 and RexxMask Junior masks do not have adjustable earloops.

RexxMask Junior masks come in one size: 7–9cm.

How long can I wear the mask for?

It is recommended that the mask is changed every 4 hours or when it becomes wet.

How do I look after the mask?

Wash after each use at 60 °C using fabric detergent. Air dry or use a tumble dryer or hair dryer. Masks can be ironed using a low heat setting. Do not use fabric softener. Do not dry clean. Store clean mask in a clean container until next use.

For optimum performance, the mask can be washed up to 10 times.

Can I return the mask?

For hygiene reasons, masks are not returnable if the packaging has been opened. This does not affect your statutory rights.

How are masks packaged?

Each mask is sanitised at high temperature before being folded and individually sealed in a bag. It is ready to be used straight out of the packaging. Folded masks are slim and easy to carry around.

How many layers are there in a mask?

Masks are made of two layers of knitted fabric. The outer layer is made of 100% Polyester and inner layer is Viscose/Polyester 50/50.

What is the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability?

RT Knits Ltd is a signatory of the fashion charter for climate action by the UNFCCC and one of its goals is to reach zero carbon emission by 2050. It scored a Higg index of 79.4% for the year 2019/2020 and publicly discloses its waste water test results on the ZDHC gateway.

Where are masks made?

Remask Air masks are manufactured in Mauritius by RT Knits Ltd.

Are Remask Air masks medical grade masks?

No, Remask Air masks are not intended to be used by medical personnel in NHS and Care Home Settings. They should be used by the general public to complement protective measures such as good hygiene practices and social distancing rules.

What is AFNOR?

The French standards association, AFNOR, has released AFNOR SPEC S76-001 “Masques barrières” or “Barrier Masks” in English, a guideline that establishes minimum requirements for general purpose (non-medical) woven masks.

Remask Air masks are made as per AFNOR S76-001 v1.10 specifications. They have been designed such that the seams are NOT vertical (i.e. from nose to chin) and the large surface area of fabric covering the nose and mouth provides maximum absorption of droplets.

What is the DGA?

It is the Directorate of General Armaments, a department within the French Ministry of Defence that carries out testing of military equipment. The manufacturer sent their masks to be tested by the DGA.

Click here for the DGA website (via Google Translate)

How are masks water repellent?

The outer fabric is treated to give it a hydrophobic surface which can repel droplets.

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